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Company Profile

Our History: Growth for Leadership

PIRIT was founded in 1990 by a group of highly professional experts who had once been students of major Soviet universities specialized in physics and computer engineering. The company was quick to prove its technical and commercial competitiveness and soon became a renowned expert in computer engineering.

PIRITs own corporate magazine UPGRADE: a new level of your computers, issued since 1993, contributed greatly to the companys success. With a circulation of 25,000-30,000 copies, the magazine developed into Russias major analytic computer edition and ensured an effective company-consumer feedback. The many used the magazine as manual of Russian computer market.

Our development can be described in what one would truly call a success story. PIRIT was founded as a company for computer memory upgrade and now the company is one of the leaders of Russian computer market in such directions as distribution and corporate sales.

1990 PIRIT Corporation was founded by the group of high educated engineers in computer science and physics.

19911995  PIRIT is the pioneer of PC Upgrade and customized PC assembling and takes the leading positions on Russian market in these business spheres

19941997  PIRIT Corporation is one of the firsts  in Russia who concluded distribution agreements with world leaders such as Maxtor (1994), Fujitsu (1994), ASUS (1996), Plextor (1996), Sony (1997), Nokia (1997).
      PIRIT Corporation becomes the recognized expert of Russian computer market and begins to issue its own magazine UPGRADE new level of your computers. PIRIT contributed significantly in success on Russian market for high-quality products suppliers especially for ASUS, Fujitsu and Plextor.

19982001 PIRIT is in the leading positions as distributor of Fujitsu and Plextor products

Since 2002  PIRIT focuses on activities that can provide market leadership with key vendors and/or market segments. PIRIT is leading in distribution of ASUS, Plextor and Cooler Master products and in document scanners by Canon, Fujitsu and Kodak.

2004-2008 PIRIT proposes new strategy Full Distribution for competitive supply chains.