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Company Profile

 Our Philosophy: Partnership, Leadership And Expert Approach

PIRIT is a team of professionals working towards success of the company and its clients.

We build our relationships on trust and partnership. PIRIT views its providers and customers as partners and always seeks to offer the best solution. We are interested in long-term cooperation.

We deal with quality products and world market leaders. PIRIT offers only up-to-date solutions that have the potential for further development.

We strongly believe that constant advancement of our infrastructure along with company's and its partners' working techniques as well as in-depth market analysis and complete assessment and consideration of customer's needs are essential features of successful performance. PIRITs activity is based on an expert approach which implies that suppliers and consumers are viewed at the same angle, as partner experts who seek to make a well-grounded choice basing on a full and detailed market analysis.

PIRIT managed to gain consumers and manufacturers recognition as a trustworthy and reliable expert as it follows the guidelines below:

- to offer business ideas that provide real competitive advantages and help to achieve leading positions in the chosen direction;

- to cooperate with vendors that hold top positions in their spheres of activity;

- to build partnership-based relationships with clients and suppliers;

- to provide clients with full information using feedback.

Our mission, as we see it, is to offer the simplest, most convenient and economical way to promote high-tech products from manufacturers to consumers.