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PIRIT Corporation: the IT Distribution Partner for Win-Win Cooperation

President of PIRIT Corporation Alexander Gookkin
It wasnt until 18 years ago, in the 1990s that market economy emerged in Russia. That was also the time the Russian computer market started to develop. Initially, it only included several dozens of companies, one of which was PIRIT. They managed to turn the Russian computer market into a civilized one, establishing official relations with vendors and other market participants.

Russia, who lags behind developed countries in terms of computerization, seeks to catch up with them as soon as possible. The newly-emerged market has a huge capacity, and the current economic situation within the country favours a fast growth. The growth is ensured by high oil-exporting profits and support from the Russian government. Computer market growth rate is much higher in Russia than generally in the world. PIRIT was founded in 1990 and it is one of Russias oldest and most famous computer companies. Now PIRIT consists of  a group of IT companies.

Today PIRIT is:
#1 distributor of ASUSs products in Russia
#1 distributor of Plextors products in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe
#1 distributor of Cooler Masters products in Russia
#1 for document scanners Canon, Fujitsu and Kodak in Russia (>85% market share)
#1 for document scanners Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak in Ukraine (>90% market share)
One of the largest suppliers of computer components  for Russian PCs assemblers
One of the leading suppliers for SMB market segment in Moscow, Russia.

PIRIT is among the key partners for successful business in Russia:

  • One of the leading distributors on the Russian IT market with more than 18-year history of successful business
  • Widely spread dealers network in 89 regions
  • Substantial financial, logistic and other resources
  • New strategy for win-win cooperation Full distribution.

PIRIT operates in the following business directions:

 Distribution of computer parts and peripherals (ASUS, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Canon, Kodak, Plextor, Cooler Master)

 Corporate projects and deliveries including own assembling of customized PCs and servers.  Sale of computers, computer parts and peripherals for corporate clients, network projects and computer goods for corporate clients and administrative ones. Supply of document scanners and solutions for automation scanning and text recognition. Assembling of PCs and servers is certified by ISO-9001 standards.

 Publishing of analytical magazine "Upgrade new level for your computers"

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