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Today, PIRIT is mostly focused on distribution. Our key strategic partner is ASUS, the company that helps us to implement our Full distribution concept. PIRIT supplies the whole range of ASUS products, as well as production of  Toshiba, Plextor, Fujitsu, Canon, Cooler Master, Kodak, Zalman.

Now PIRIT is:
#1 distributor of ASUSs products in Russia
#1 distributor of Plextors products in Russia and CEE
#1 distributor of Coooler Master's products in Russia
#1 for document scanners of Canon, Kodak, Fujitsu in Russia (>85% market share) and Ukraine (>90% market share).

PIRIT uses 3 main channels for distribution of IT products in Russian market: dealers' network (more than 660 companies of all Russian regions), retailers (including largest retailers Auchan and Eldorado), OEMs (including largest Russian PCs and servers assemblers).  

Our strategy: Full distribution

The current stage of our expert approach is the Full distribution strategy. 

The main sense of the strategy is to build up an effectively functioning mechanism for business chain vendor distributor dealer that could compete with other business-chains.

A well-balanced operation of the chain is achieved by mutual coordination of all business processes involved: sales, planning, logistics, marketing and training, financing, technical service. It becomes possible only and when the real tight partnership is established between the links of the chain. As a current companys strategy, the concept aims at achieving the leading positions on the market.

We chose three gearwheels as a symbol of the Full distribution concept: the Vendor who produces goods, the Dealer who delivers them to the end customer, and the Distributor who makes a liaison between the two of them. It looks as a sort of a gearbox able to convey a whole range of vendors goods to the market and to adjust to market changes due to the customers feedback.

The symbol of Full distribution concept.
"PIRIT's Full distribution with coordination of vendor, distributor and dealers provides the advantages".

Jonathan Tsang, president of ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

Using the Full distribution concept, the vendor gets stable channels to sell the whole range of his products through, and the dealer gets a wide and competitive assortment, as well as a full warranty and technical support.

We began to implement the Full Distribution strategy in the beginning of 2004 together with ASUS, our strategic partner. ASUS and PIRIT are perfect partners for Full distribution strategy. ASUS manufactures an unprecedented range of products and is interested in all of them being adequately represented on the market. At the same time, PIRIT can use its competence and reputation as well as its closed connection with sale channels to ensure the proper work of the mechanism.

Annual Dealers' Conference of PIRIT Corp.
Thanks to Full distribution strategy the expenses in business-chain have been reduced (more effective financing and logistics, less transit time) and marketing efforts became more effective. That enabled PIRIT to take the lead in ASUS products distribution on the Russian market.



Great Potential for Win-Win Cooperation.

Vendor PIRIT Corp.

Saleable products on Russian market

Leading IT-brand

Readiness for tight partnership and exclusive conditions

Recognized as expert

Wide sales channels and good reputation

Efficient feedback from customers (including via UPGRADE magazine)

Ready to focus on Vendors products